Anthropological Expeditions
On this page we can see our offer for anthropological topics. We in THEATREDREAMS have long tradition in these destinations, all of them are developed perfect.
        If you have another direction and scientific interest for researches, we can organize anthropological expedition for a group over 7 participants.

Cultures and Civilizations
In Bulgaria   All over the World
Esoterically Phenomenon
In Bulgaria   All over the World
A Model Plan for Expedition
"Orphism" (Bulgaria, Greece)  Prices


     Cultures and Civilizations
In Bulgaria                     (
  • Orphic objects
  • Thracian sanctuaries and tombs
  • Antic Greek and Rome towns
  • Tangristic sanctuaries and proto-Bulgarian towns
  • Orthodox monasteries and castles
  • Bulgarian Renaissance’s towns
  • Kuker’s masquerade games and carnivals
  • Nestinari’s dances on live coals
  • Horse races - Kushii
  • Christmas customs
  • Easter’s customs
  • Peoples dance-fair


     Cultures and Civilizations
     All over the World
  • Massayan culture and Central African masquerade dances
  • Antic Greek and Rome amphitheatres
  • Indian traditional theaters and dances
  • Tibetan mysteries
  • Chinese and Vietnamese traditional opera
  • Thailand and Cambodian traditional dance drama
  • Argonauts road
  • Buddha’s road
  • Road of Alexander the Great
  • Road of proto-Bulgarians from Pamir to Balkans
  • Road of Jesus
  • Silk road


     Esoterically Phenomenon
In Bulgaria                  (outset)
  • Orphism
  • Thracian religious cults and customs
  • Antic Greek and Rome cults
  • Shamanism
  • Slavonic religious cults and customs
  • Tangrism
  • Orthodox monasteries
  • Bogomils
  • Issichasts
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Dunovism


     Esoterically Phenomenon
     All over the World
  • Primitive cults
  • Shamanism
  • Tengrism
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism
  • Antic Greek and Rome cults
  • Buddhism
  • Jainism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Sikh religion
  • Bahai religion


     A Model Plan for Anthropological Expedition
"ORPHISM" (Bulgaria, Greece)
     Duration: 15 days
     Period: between 1 May and 30 October
      Schedule of expedition:
  1. Sofia tour
  2. Sofia – Plovdiv – Plovdiv tour – Kardzhali
  3. Kardzhali tour – Thracian sanctuaries
  4. Kardzhali
– Perpericon – village Tatul – Kardzhali
  5. Kardzhali
– Assenovgrad – Bachkovo monastery – Smolyan
  6. Smolyan
tour – Orpheus rock
  7. Smolyan
– cave Devils throat – Yagodina cave - Trigrad Jdrelo
  8. Smolyan
– village Gela – Shiroka laka Smolyan
  9. Smolyan
 10. Alexandropolis tour
 11. Alexandropolis – Samothraki island
 12. Samothraki island
 13. Samothraki island
AlexandropolisKavala  Thessaloniki
 14. Thessaloniki tour
 15. Thessaloniki



from cave Devils throat

Trigrad Jdrelo

Haramia cave


     Price: Euro 910 for minimum 7 participants
     Paying dead line:
30 days before start of expedition


    In the price are included:
  * All transfers with private bus

  * Accommodations in middle level trekking hotels
  * All taxes for museums and temples, without taxes for photo and video
  * Border aria’s permits
  * Insurance for the period of expedition
  * First aide medicines
  * Competent anthropologist and professional mountain guide

Obligatory equipment:
minimum 15 Euro per day минимум for food and water; rain cloths, trekking shoes, pullover, hut, UV glasses and cream, flashlight, 2 photos passport dimension, international passport valid minimum 6 months after the end of expedition.




      Photodocuments  (outset)