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     This theatre counts on the contact with the audience. You, our little viewers, you'll be provoke to take part in the spectacles not only with your laughs and applause. You all like to play. That's why we would like to include you in the game. This is the most beautiful game in the world. You can choose the role that you like the most. You can be heroes and the others will applause you. You can receive a real costume and the big actors to treat you like one of them.

Our puppet spectacles and theatres of shadows are not only the bird of paradise which spreads out its train just in front of your eyes and fly away. After the performance you can meet the actors and to play with the puppets by yourselves. Don't forget - this theatre is yours also!


      We offer:  (outset)

* Birthday's party


* Street performances

* Mime-statue

* Shadow's theatre

* Comic sketches

* Musical games

* Mimes for children's party

* Clowns

* Carnival games

* Puppet theatre

* Fairy tales hero

* Contact show

* Theatrical stories

* Revealing the secrets behind the screen

* Mechanical man-puppet

* Sport's games

* Workshops with prizes

Приказният свят на театъра

* Manufacture of posters for children's show

* Manufacture of posters for children's party

* Manufacture of posters for children's performance

      Performances for children.  (More details you can see in volume "Performances")

Commedia del'Arte"

"Contact clown show"
Silent movie"


      Workshops for children.  (More details you can see in volume "Workshops")

"Clown acting"
"Puppet and shadow's theatre"
"Actors art for kids"

"Commedia Dell'Arte"
"Theatrical martial arts"
"Yoga for kids"
"Classical Kung Fu and Vietnamese Voo"