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     Alexander Iliev
Classical pantomime
       Alexander Iliev


     Author of books        Everest Concert 5350 a.s.l. in Himalaya


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  Theatredreams (Theatre of Dreams)  was established in 1999, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Creators from sphere of pantomime, improvisation theatre, East traditional theatre and dance, folk and break-dances are taking part in this theatrical group. All of them are engaged in theatrical anthropology in the club for studying ancient forms of the mysteries under the same name. Ph. D. Alexander Iliev is the theatre's art director. He is a stage director, mime, actor and acting, pantomime, staging and theatrical anthropology professor from long time in Bulgarian National Academy for Theatrical & film Arts. He teach abroad.

Full time professor in NATFIZ

24 hours Mime-marathon


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  Theatre's performances are nonverbal. They always contain a discovery. They restore long ago forgot techniques, subjects, show forms and acting styles. The theatre has studied cultural phenomenon and members of the company was a guest artist in Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Albania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Morocco, India, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Kingdom of Mustang, Tibet, Sikkim, Tanzania, Kenya.

Street theatre


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  The members also took part in co-projects with Macedonian National Theatre, Dramski Theatre, DDS "Mozaik", FDU - Skopje & Theatre "Jinot" - Veles, Macedonia; MHAT & Theatre "Et cetera" - Moscow, "Maryinskii" Theatre, "Akimov's theatre of comedy" - St. Petersburg, Russia; Theatrical group "Techniendos" - Thessaloniki, Greece; University of Theatre of Nations - Barcelona, Spain; "Teatro Laboratorio" - Verona, Italy; Government's Theatre - Antalia, Turkey; Theatre "Serapis" - Schaffhausen, Switzerland; Dance group "Odissi" - Bhubaneshwar & Kathakali theatre - Ernakulam, India; Dance theatre "Kala Mandapa" & Theatre "Nrittayan" - Kathmandu, Nepal; "La Mamma's Summer program" - New York, USA, Phelgyeling & Tsurpo Monastery in Tibet.

Tutor of classes



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  The culture-anthropological expeditions, organised by Dr. Alexander Iliev from 1985 until present days are: Spain street mystery - Spain; Luiggi da Porto, Italy; Roerich, Russia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sikkim, Mustang; The Kingdom of Mustang, Mustang, India, Nepal, Sikkim; Language of silence, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Mustang; Ancient culture of Macedonia, Macedonia; Troya, Turkey; Culture of Massai, Tanzania, Kenya; Albanian dance and way of life, Albania, Macedonia; Everest concert, India, Nepal; The Buddhism and the Buddhist mystery, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal; Dances and carnivals of kukers, Bulgaria, Macedonia; Wedding in Galitchnik, Macedonia; The Cham mystery of Tibet, Tibet, India, Thailand, China, Nepal; Hindudance, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal; The culture of Aegeyan Macedonia, Greece; Hinduart, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka; Ancient culture of Israel, Israel; Vevchani carnival, Macedonia; Amphitheater, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey; Medieval and Renaissance culture of Italy, Italy; Little Tibet, India, Nepal.




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Theatre and health workshops

"King sorrow"




"Anima allegra"