Kartakeya aged 305

The teacher of Dhirendra Brahmachary (below). When he was 324  in 1954, he stopped his own heart, because his teachers had summoned him to another planet. Never in his life was he sick, ill, ailing, or unwell !!! Wonder-working (miraculous) healer of all illnesses.
     Now he is at ~400 years of age, proved fact from our scientists by expedition...
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Dhirendra Brahmachary

The trainer of the first Soviet astronauts, teacher of family Ghandi, leader of institute for hyper-ability of the Man in New Delhi. Was cemented for some months under ground (control on "death"). He was never sick, ill, ailing, or unwell !!!
Wonder-working (miraculous) healer of all illnesses. The clear-vision, levitation, teleportation etc. sidhyes owns. Teacher of
Ventzeslav Evtimov.

Has the facts, never confidential, for above the 1800-year's people and there is more by adult (such as Babaji), which and now live in Himalahas...
Why till now has official science (medicine) said nothing for all these achievements of these people?! Why for thousands of years has nobody spoken of these problems, which Yoga has ALWAYS revealed???!!!
   Because the world leaders were never at the vanguard of human intellect. The leaders always were casual (damaged) bio-machines for eating. They are not interested in personal and public development. Therefore people live in a deceit, in debauch and in disasters. Until then, when the governors do not become vanguard in the
INTELLECT, the tragedies of Mankind will be inexhaustible.
IMMORTALITY we know from old times (500 000 years). And now there are scientific facts, explanation, comprehensions, TECHNIQUES, but the people are not interested to these problems and consequently have not deserved this truths.

...we shall be changed. Because it, the decay (the corporeal),
is necessary to clothe in imperishable, and it, the mortal,
is necessary to clothe in Immortality.
(Bible, Corintian's, 15:52-53)
The difficult works require months, sometimes years,
and impossible - a little more.

Such TECHNIQUE for IMMORTALITY created in institute Brahmachari "Vishvayatan yogashram" in New Delhi under the title "Suksmaviyama for yoga", there from and these photos up. This technique is accessible and it is possible to find it in the large libraries of USA and Europe. Though there are some people, which search for it(are interested). The governors earn and without her... The governors earn and without her...
   It wouldl be a mistake to think, what the Immortality is given to everything, as is given to all air and Sun. Though everyone could comprehend it only with the labour. Only through LABOUR  comes the spiritual rise of Man in the following regeneration (incarnation) of life on one higher a level in development. Here we shortly have explained immortality.
   Our fateful opening defines, that the Development has two poles - material (+) and spiritual (-) and between them there is a border for transition (for transformation) from not gravitational (spiritual)(hyper-high)(-) frequencies to gravitational (material)(low)(+) frequencies and back. Here is and simple drawing:

1. PHYSICAL development of Man;
4. Spiritual development (Development of Consciousness to the deepest connections of the reasons).
The man, which has no spirit (has no spiritual development), can not become immortal. The women have no spirit,  but some of them can become immortal. The man, which trains in spiritual development (yoga or investigates and realizes of the basic natural laws), can receive spirit.

Border for transition (for transformation) energyes. Zone for association of components of development 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Three vectors of material development eat from a vector 4, which has border of development below. When there is no spiritual development, the vector 4 do turn and his border goes upwards, traverse border for association and shares 3 vectors - physical body is shared with soul and reason, i.e. death:

for Immortality - methods and means for achieving:

Scientific Literature (Vanguard Discoveries)

Universal Methodology (Yoga)

  Greatest and most ancient science of Universe. This science have cosmic origin. Therefore the people still not understand Yoga....

The Unity of the Universe

    In distinction from YOGA, which is natural a way in development to immortality, through this theory we shall comprehend Immortality through hyper-light speeds and transition outside of the Universe...

Humanitarian Literature (religion, history, practice)




Bhagavad Gita Bible Koran Yogananda Svamy Rama




Mantak Chia



Sri Chinmoy



"And the truth about this cosmos is necessary to search in the ancient sacred books!"
(Prophet Vanga)

ISBN  0-89213-093-8

IMMORTALITY according to Bhagavad Gita
    Pages 85, 89: "Know, that it, which penetrates in the all body, is indestructible. Nobody can destroy the eternal Spirit... he is not born, eternal... He can not be killed, when kill the body." (By means of superlight speeds (under the Theory
The Unity of the Universe of V. Manev) and by means of Yoga the body and Spirit can becomes in complete unity, i.e. the body can become eternal as the Spirit - n. of Ed.)
Page 123: "...The great wise people ... are exempted ... from the rotation in circle of the birth and death..." (They any more do not incarnate, they go in the following dimension (world) and there they live 1024 years - See the Theory "The Unity of the Universe" - upwards. N. of Ed.)
Page 215: "Now I shall explain to you that such action and when you understandes, it will released you quite from the all unhappiness." (from the death - n. of Ed.)
Page 247: "Such person, is exempted from all duality, easily overcomes the material shackles and complete liberation achieves." (from the death - n. of Ed.)

Page 262: "Those, whose minds are established in a constancy, they already have vanquished ..the own dependence on birth and death."
Page 347:
"...the personality, which is established in knowledge for Me, I accepts, that she is exact as Me Itself." (.. , - n. of Ed.)
Page 383:
"One day of Brahma according to human calculations one thousand epoch continue." (Brahma 1024 years live in the following dimension (world) - See the Theory "The Unity of the Universe" - upwards. N. of Ed.)
Page 437: "...My man, which is devoted to Me, never perishes." (any more does not incarnated and passes in the following measurement, where will live years 1022 - See the Theory "The Unity of the Universe" - upwards. N. of Ed.)
Page 317: "A yogi is more great from the ascetic, more great from the empirist (scientist), more great from the karmic worker. Therefore, oh, Arjuna, at by all possible circumstances be yogi!"


From Holy Synod of Bulgarian Church, 1992

IMMORTALITY according to Bible   "Who searches - finds." (Christ)

   Solomon's wisdom, 1:15, 16 "Righteousness is immortal, the iniquity causes death;  ...impious people have attracted her by means of a hands and words, have thought her as the friend and have got tired, and they have concluded with her union, because they are worthy, that will be her part".
2:23, 24 "God has created the man for imperishability and has made his image of own eternal life;
...but because of envy of the devil the death has entered in this world, And has experienced her these, which its part."
3:4 "..., the their hope is full with immortality."
Jesus Sirrah's wisdom, 15:17 "In front of the man are both life and the death, and is given to him it, which he will wish."
48:5 "You has put up the dead from
the Death and Hell by means of the word of the Almighty."

Book of prophet Issay, 26:19 "Your dead men will come back to life, the dead bodies will revive."
Second book of Mackavey, 7:9 "..., but Tsar will revive for eternal life us, ..."
"..., If he did not hope, that the fallen of the war will revive, it would be needless, that we prayes for dead people."
Third book of Ezdra, 2:45 "..., they are those, which have left mortal clothes and have put on in immortal..."
8:1 "The Almighty has created this world for many people, and future - for few."
8:54 "The illnesses have passed, and at last treasure of immortality showed."
from Luka, 20:36 "and to die they already not can, because they are equal of angels and being sons of the resurrection, they are sons of the God."
- Korintians, 15:26 "And the latest enemy, which will be destroyed, is the death, because all have obeyed under the legs His"; ..."

ISBN  954-90250-1-2

IMMORTALITY according to Koran

Page 16:96 "Everyone from them wishes one thousand years."
Page 69:145 "And can no soul die except with the permission of Allah, thereby as is prescribed in the definite term. If some persons ...wishes the rewardes of terrestrial life, We will give them it, and who wishes the rewardes of Aharet
(eden), We too will give them it..."
(1024  years according to the Theory The Unity of the Universe )
Page 132:28 "..., because they are liars. (29) They say: "There is a life only on the Earth. We will not revive"."
Page 250:5 ""Really again we will be created, after we have become into ground?". It they, which do not believe in the own Ruler..."

Page 253:26 "..., but that the terrestrial life in comparison with the haret can mean, except for a temporary prosperity."
"And they have remained three hundred years in the cave and have added and nine."
Page 323:8 "We have created them only as a body, which does not eat, nor yet they will be eternal. (9) After that We have executed the Ours promise to them
(body, which does not eat and Eternity, Immortality - mark of the ditor.)
Page 333:5 "Oh, people! If you doubt Resurrection (Incarnation) after death, know, that we have created you from ground, afterwards from one sperm drop, ..."
Page 334:6 "...He resuscitate dead... (7) And because will come hour, in which there are no doubts, and Allah will resurrect these, which are in graves." (11) "... he loses also Terrestrial life, and the life BEYOND the our World." (1024 years according to the Theory "The Unity of the Universe" ^)


ISBN  954-607-171-4

Paramahansa Yogananda is one of the first distributors of Yoga in USA, has based yoga - institute (so-called ) in California. He has received the higher education in India and practises yoga (first of all meditation) at great teachers, some of which are schoolboys Mahavatar Immortal
Babajy. Yogananda has meetings with him.

Yogananda describes amazing miracles of the yogas. But the demonstration was not their purpose. As always, official science and medicine remain without opinion for these miracles:

        Teleportation; levitation; samadhi; reading of thought from distance of hundred kilometers; clairvoyancy; wonder-working healings; transferring of soul from man on man while still living; proved incarnations; two women, which never in the own life eat and do not drink water; materialization and dematerialization of whole palaces and sumptuous tables with food; stopping of a train from distance of hundred kilometers; people on hundreds years...
      But all these miracles of yogas turn pale before the theirs personal charm, children's cleanliness, wisdom, unselfishness and dedication in assistance of others...


  < The author Svami Rama grew in bottom Himalaya. His teacher was a great Himalaya yogi. Rama practised different yoga-techniques in traditional and caves research-institutes for the man (ashrams) in Himalaya. He has higher education from Varanasi (India) and from Oxford (England), has communed with hundreds by teachers, between which are Ramana Maharishi, Shri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandi, Rabindranat Tagor...
        When was 24-year's, he was devoted in the most high spiritual and religious order - Shankaracharia. Three years later he has refused it and has come back in Himalaya to own yoga-practice. After a long improvement he has come back in the society to serve to Mankind - to bring east doctrines in West.
        He has founded Himalaya international institute in USA, Hospital association of the Himalaya institute in India and much other centres in the world. He author of many books for health, meditation, comments of ancient yoga-texts...
        He has left this world in November, 1996.

Svami Rama describes amazing miracles of the yogas. But the demonstration was not their purpose. As always, official science and medicine remain without opinion for these miracles:

        Teleportation; levitation; samadhi; reading of thought from distance of hundred kilometers; clairvoyancy; wonder-working healings; transferring of soul from man on man while still living; proved incarnations; materialization and dematerialization; people on hundreds years...
But all these miracles of yogas turn pale before the theirs personal charm, children's cleanliness, wisdom, unselfishness and dedication in assistance of others....


The real knowledge will be possible achieved only by means of enlightenment
(lucid moments), and vice versa - the brains are one civilized form of ignorance.

(only for that part of Mankind which aspires to perfection)
He is born in 30.november.203 year
(he now is at ~1800 years of age)
in small village, which today name Parangipettay in state Tamilnadu of India. Now he lives in Himalayn mountain.

Why the official science is silent about this phenomenon ?!
Because she is not interested from him !
As the monkey "" is not interested from Einstein.

        Introduction words of the author (Marshal Govindan, with high education from USA):
"Approach to life offered from Babadji and 18-enth sidhas (18-enth perfect and immortal yogas) is extremely necessary of modern world which is in destructive helix of self-destruction
      From the period of Renaissance Science and Religion are in opposition one against another. World wars, genocide (frequently in a name of religion and culture), ecological accidents, biological degeneration of the man as the Cancer, HIF and other modern illnesses, widespread psychically diseases, moral ruin - all this fruit of break between the material and spiritual world in the man.
(The people at all have no definition of the concept for spiritual development. For the first time in the world this concept is determined in the section "Universal methodology (YOGA)" here)

        If the human species would like to survive, it is necessary to replace this own present murderous way of existence with a new approach so to unite spiritual and material values, that human potential will receive complete development. Babadji and 18-enth sidhas practically show us such approach
Words of some of the 18-enth immortal:
        "This, WHO HAS KNOWLEDGE, ...can achieved immortality,
receive the changed body, eternally young, freely from old-age and weakness..." (page 109)
"Before to work over the soul and spirit, it is necessary to eliminate lacks of the lower bodies - physical, psyshical and mental." (page 111)
        "The Soul of the man is subordinate by DESTINY, IS DETERMINED FROM HIS BYGONE ACTIONS. Not truth, that the God in monocracy predetermines the fate of each man."
(page 112)

Amazingly (!): On page 134 assert, that teacher of Babadji it Boganatar, which in different transcriptions sounds as Bogar or Bolgar. I.e. the teacher of Babaji is ancient bulgarian!!! Later on Bolgar became known as Lao Dzu and in period from 200 years Bolgar (Lao Dzu) teaches in China of thousand schoolboys. As Lao Dzu Bolgar lived 12000 years... He lived even in ...Southern America...
The author not and at all does not know, where located Bulgaria - these facts are not nationalistic fictions, which side by side with other researches of the Bulgarian historians (Petar Dobrev etc.) prove, that

BULGARIA is the MOST ANCIENT STATE in the world.
That us it "warms"? We almost nothing have preserved from this colossal science, the grand YOGA.
In Bulgaria there are very much advanced yogas, but have given the all society will take advantage?...
"Who searches - finds" (Christ)

ISBN  954-8127-43-1

COMBAT ARTS, one of MIRACLES of Civilization

   < The authors Mantak Chia and him wife Meniuon Chia are founders of dao-curative centre in New York. Mamtak, son of chineses, is born in Tayland. There finds the own wife. After training at many perfect teachers (chiefly representatives of Shaolin-school) in different dao, yoga, sport, curative, combat arts and "inner" techniques he go away to USA and Europe. There founds set of schools...

On page 340 we read the basic purposes of Dao:
1. At an ordinary level (as the ours) - overcoming of the incarnation and dread from death by means of enlightenment (lucid moments).
In higher level - immortal spirit and life after death.
 3. In supreme level - IMMORTAL SPIRIT in an IMMORTAL body...

        Him other books:
"Awakening of the medical energy by means of Dao"
        "Dao-secrets of the love: cultivation of the man's sexual energy"
        "Medical love by means of D: cultivation of the female sexual energy"
        "Transformation of the stress in vitality"

Tsi-Gun of the Iron chain-mail I: exercises for the internal bodies"
        "Mixing of the fifth elements"
        "Waking of the curative light of Dao"

"Bone Marrow of New King"

        The treasury of techniques for improvement of the physical body is continuation creative development of Yoga from Buda, which was schoolboy of great yogas in India. The perfect possession of the combat arts and first of all so-called "internal methods" are most supreme expression of the physical Yoga. The miracles, immortality and humanism of the yogas are a basis for KUNG-FU...

ISBN  954-8099-17-3


     The book of Genadiy Malahov is deduced from its personal practice and from thousand-year practice of the yogas. Is proved, that the illnesses of the people are consequences from the their SINFUL LIFESTYLE. The their medication will be inevitable, if they live in conformity with the Nature. I.e. the bacteria, microbes and viruses are harmless for the conscious man...
Almost all methods for purifying and medication of the organism in this book are testament to the conscious people from the great immortal yoga-teachers. Malahov explaines the improbable results from the purifying of the organism by means of modern science and medicine, which have not contradictions with yoga, but still not matured to recognize it.
        The author helpes not only for
the health, but also for the improvement of the latent abilities for the boon of the whole society. Who is capable for fight for the own health, he can better fight and for the society health...
        Necessary conditions: abstention, continence, vegetarianism, chastity, public responsibility...

        I recommend heartily of all, which aspire to HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, practise by means of all (7-8) books of Malahov. I have tried the curative forces these techniques, the pleasure from the life and rejuvenating...


ISBN  954-8080-01-X


   Pioneer of the organized yoga movement in Bulgaria and some abroad. Example of selflessness, unselfishness, Will for life in assistance of others. Before to become yoga, he was ailing from so-called hopeless illnesses - asthma, heart attack, varicose veins, cancer in the brain and much others, 107 kg. Now, already at 74 years of age, he is as in youthful age, as athlete,  no illnesses; 63 kg, complete vegetarian, teetotaller and ascetic.
    He train itself in ashram "Rishikesh" (research institute + cloister) at the foot of the mountain Himalaya (India). There he has seen demonstrations of MIRACLES from grand yoga-teachers: acceleration of the time (A Yogi has sowed a grain of an orange - it sprouts, grows up, becomes covered by foliage, sets fruits, they ripen and ...the public eat oranges. All this for 15 minutes); levitation, teleportation, improbable sports achievements, before which the world and olympic records are pitiable, taming of wild tigers by means of thought, miraculous healings of cripples and fatal-sick people etc. And the most important - the personal qualities of the teachers: WISDOM, CHARM, LIFE FOR the MANKIND WEAL!
   Evtimov is schoolboy of Dhirendra Brahmachari - trainer of soviet cosmonauts, mentor of family Gandy...). Now Evtimov is teacher in National Sports Academy (Bulgaria)...

    This book is the best handbook for these, which have decided to go to perfection for the sake of Mankind... I, which has written these words, itself tried Evtimov's all practices, which he has written in this book. By means of it my life is rescued, and now I most happy man in the World. The life and struggle for perfection now begins (45)!...


ISBN  954-9589-79-X

Lessons of Norbekov
Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov
   He is unique man with world popularity - academician, professor, doctor of psychology and pedagogics, manager of faculty of palingenesy in International Academy of Formatization of UN, director of Institute of Self-recovery of the Man in Moscow.
   He learned at moslem esotheric teachers when was fatally ailing (a complete wreck) from wounds at beating... By means of purifying of organism, gymnastics and mainly autosuggestion (obviously a borrowing from ) he achieved perfect health and helped to millions people not only be recovered, but also to be super-able-bodied, ethical and happy...


< Sri Chinmoy
A typical example for yogi, i.e. all-round man:
  * author of thousands musical compositions
  * author of thousands poem and books
  * author of thousands art pictures
  * masterly player of about hundred musical instruments
  * author of fantastic sport records
  * philosopher and holder of sidhas
  * author of programs for health and anti-criminality of UN
  * high commissioner of UN for Peace
  * . . . . . . . . . . .

Documental photo of record of
Sri Chinmoy -
3 tons with one hand,
documented from 38 TV of US


Advanced Yoga Practices from Yogani

Most Good Literature as Guide to Raja Yoga from the point of view of Science, and not from Indian sects... It's a lively practice of an Holy American Man...