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Unique (outset)

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     Dance masks Topeng
     Bali, Indonesia, collection
       Dance masks Nurraga
     Sardegna, Italia, collection

Wood, leather

1400 lv (700 Euro)

Wood, hand made cloth

1300 lv (650 Euro)


     Authors jewels, different types        Rama marionette - Kerala, India


Natural materials - wood, leather, metal, stones, ceramics, glass

More details with photos we can send by e-mail

10 - 65 lv
(5 - 32 Euro)


Wood, metal, hand made cloth, wool


260 lv
(130 Euro)


     Tibetan book, volume from Kanjur
     Lhasa, Tibet
       Dance masks Kolam Ruhunu
     Colombo, Sri Lanka, collection

Wood, hand made paper, lithography

320 lv (155 Euro)


420 lv (210 Euro)


     Tibetan book, volume from Tenjur
     Tsurpo, Tibet
       Mystery mask Palden Lhamo
     Gyantse, Tibet, face and back

Wood, hand made paper, color lithography, marginalia

4000 lv (200 Euro)

Leather, hand made cloth, wool

120 lv (60 Euro)


     Masks for Cham Mystery
     Shigatse, Tibet, collection
       African totem masks
     Central Africa, collection


800 lv (400 Euro)            



360 lv (180 Euro)


     Masks of Noh and Kyogen theatre
     Kyoto, Japan, collection
       Masks for Dzindzyu (street type of Beijing opera)
     Beijing, China, collection


420 lv (210 Euro)


240 lv (120 Euro)


     Kid's dance mask Chhanguk
     Seoul, South Korea
       Dance masks Barong
     Java, Indonesia, collection

Wood, hand made strand

50 lv (25 Euro)

Wood, leather

700 lv (360 Euro)


     Small dance mask of Hanuman
     Lakhon-khol theatre - Phnom pen, Cambodia
       Sanctuary statue of Buddha
     Kathmandu, Nepal


60 lv (30 Euro)


350 lv (175 Euro)


     Bamboo vase for dry flowers
     Hanoi, Vietnam
       Sherpa's Tumna with one string
     Namche Bazar, Nepal

Bamboo, natural colors, lacquer

40 lv (20 Euro)

Wood, leather

130 lv (65 Euro)


     Sanctuary statue of Fun's God
     Saigon, Vietnam
       Gorkha knife Kukri
     Pokhara, Nepal


30 lv (15 Euro)

Metal, leather, yak bone, yak horn

90 lv (45 Euro)


     Totem mask
     New Guinea
       Tibetan horseman's knife Khampa
     Yarlung, Tibet

Wood, natural colors

140 lv (70 Euro)

Metal, leather, deer horn

80 lv (40 Euro)


     Yak's bells
     Lo Mantang, Mustang
       Dancer's bells for feet Kathak
     Tamil Nadu, India


Each 1 lv (each 0,50 Euro)

Metal, leather

70 lv (35 Euro)


     Vietnamese box       

wood, lacquer, mother-of-pearl

60 lv (30 Euro)



Books (outset)
     Alexander Iliev        Evgenii Dinchev, Alexander Iliev


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Towards a Theory of Mime is a genuinely unique book about non-verbal communication and performance. Combining a broad global history of the evolution of human communication with an introduction to the general practice of mime, Alexander Iliev traces a lineage from Marceau and Barrault to his own distinguished practice as performer and teacher.

and Hindustan peninsula
Edition: IK "TANGRA", 2006
Quantity: 336 pages
Format in mm: 145х210
Soft covers
Date of edition: 2006-10-09
ISBN: 9549942953

18 lv (9 Euro)

From series:
Library "Bulgarian Eternity"

"Bulgaria guidebook"
on Bulgarian, Russian,
English, French, German
Price for bulgarian version: 9
Price for english, french, german and russian version: 12


"The book^ of Alexander Iliev, well known not only in Bulgaria, but all around the world with his colorfull theatrical talents, lead our attention on Hindustan peninsula, on eventuali links between Bulgarians and cultures of South and Central Asia. Connections are conspicuously - most of European people speek until today Indo-european languages. This book go over conspicuously: she investigate
more weighty proofs for Central-asian origin of Bulgarians. The author tell about history of several people on Hindustan peninsula and focus our attention on those historical facts, who demonstrate the links between our grandfathers and local ethnic groups. The author took participatian in lot of expeditions on this countries, collecting huge field matter and it is the grat true merit of this book. This book ask many amtters of interest and, thank God, give not too much answers, because, as we know, it is too hard to rewright a history

Prof. Alexander Fedotov, Ph.D. of History

Would you believe it - small Bulgaria offers incredible and unlimited opportunities for tourism. The present guide reveals the main features of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.
The guide offers an authoritative insight to more than 100 towns, seaside and mountain resorts, which are of interest to domestic and international tourism. Maps and information about hotels, motels, chalets, camping sites, restaurants, entertainment centers, transport connection, cultural and historical sights are contained herein.
The intention throughout has been to provide the information you need to acquaint Bulgaria - nevertheless you are traveling round the country or just reading the present guide.


     Alexander Iliev        Alexander Iliev

"Communication and expression"
SONITA, 1997
General theory of pantomime
6 lv (3 Euro)

"Miming birds"
Scripts for classical pantomime
6 lv (3 Euro)


     Anonymous        Expect more

"Roman of juggler"
Knight's roman in poetry
6 lv (3 Euro)

Cultural and theatrical anthropology magazine "THEATREDREAMS"
- - - -
Scenarios, travel notes, anthropology...
- - - -


Films (outset)

          General Information:
All of these documentary pictures are anthropological. They are filmed with very special permissions in Asia - from teachers (guru), monks (lama), leaders of school (si fu) etc. Some of them are a product of long negotiations with most important persons, like His Holiness Dalai Lama, His Majesty the King of Nepal, His Holiness the last Karmapa of Tibet etc. On the tape are fixed the sublime masters of old tradition, wich history is more long, than the European Civilization. The high altitude of shooting, the unique material and the antiquity techniques are fixed on videotape just in time. Maybe after 50 years some of them will be only a history, after the total war of modern civilization against customs and traditions.
Author of pictures: Alexander Iliev, Ph.D of Fine Arts

         N.B. All the pictures are nonverbal. The text for them is in English language- 3 pages for each film. You can translate the text and make synchronizations in your language, save the original music and atmosphere. If you need more text or information, please contact with us by e-mail and we can send you in short time.


     This concert was performed on 5350 m above sea level, under highest peak of the world Chomolungma (8848 m). 20 musicians, mimes, photographers, mountain guides and cameramen from Bulgaria were there at 16-th of May 1996. After this unbelievable concert, the record was included in Guinness book of records. (30 min.)

     The best traditional opera of South Korea performed the story of Chang Pogo. He was the creator of Korean Kingdom, a future legendary person. The monk dance, the prayer dance, the drum dance and the final flag dance are absolutely authentic and brilliant. (18 min, 30 sec)



     This picture included the most important sacred places of Hindu religion. The construction of this film looks like a conversation between Gods, humans, animals and nature. Some of the rituals are filmed in high Himalayas and jungles of Hindustan peninsula. (18 min, 30 sec)

     From Lumbini - the birthplace of Lord Buddha, up to highest mountains in Tibet and Himalayas, the camera is looking inside - in the religion of the universal Truth. This film was filmed with the holy permission of H.H. Karmapa and H.H. Dalai Lama. (18 min, 30 sec)



     This ritual theatre comes from the oldest traditional dramatic forms in India. The first part of the picture shows the technique of actors. The second part is a story from the Ramayana epic poem. The typical costumes, make-up and music are unique and tell about the richest tradition of our planet. (18 min, 30 sec)

     The dances of South India are most heavy in the world. In this picture, a young devadasi - sacred dancing maiden - demonstrated some of classical dances from this style. The brilliant technique of her, help to understand most of symbolical gests and rhythmic emotions. (18 min, 30 sec)



     Cham religious mystery comes from the oldest ritual tradition in the world - Bon-po. Different styles, masks, customs, music and dances, showing the picture, were filmed in more than 1 million square miles. Many great lamas of Tibet are dancing and singing there H.H. Gyalva Karmapa. (18 min, 30 sec)

     Over 5000 years tradition is behind the contemporary royal ritual dance of Nepal. All the dancers and musicians are from one family, because it's a family tradition. The youngest dance was created 400 years before for the unique cult of the living Goddess of Himalayas - Kumari. (18 min, 30 sec)



     This dance is coming from Bhubaneshwar - the #1 town of temples in the world. The living legend of this dance shows the technique of pantomime expression in the rhythm. In only two dances, she makes all the "mudras" and "asanas" from the alphabet of Odissi. (18 min, 30 sec)

     Very important for the Hindu tradition is the feel of rhythm. The technique in this picture shows all general possibilities to express the epic poems Ramayana and Mahabharata. The film shows a perfect way of synthesis between the music, poetry, dance and religion. (18 min, 30 sec)



     All the books for classical dances in India are speaking about Natya Shastra - the major principals in the art of dance. Surya Natyam is a dance before Natya Shastra, when the Sun was the sublime God for all the Hindu people. (18 min, 30 sec)

     All the men, looking this dance, can tell - this is a tender show in the world. Coming from the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the classical Thai dance is like a miracle. Royal Thai Ballet performed 5 different styles. In the end of this picture, they show a scene from traditional theatre Khon. (18 min, 30 sec)
      Copy of one film on DVD: 6 lv (3 Euro)


Music (outset)

Alexander Iliev - Soundtrack for performance "The OZ Wizard", 2004
Alexander Iliev - Soundtrack for picture "The last waltz", 2001
Alexander Iliev - Soundtrack for performance "Devil in sackful", 1999

Vassil Genev - Soundtrack for performance "Argonautica", 2006
Vassil Genev - House music, remix, 2005
Vassil Genev - House music, Bulgarian ethno remix, 2004
      Copy of one music on CD: 4 lv (2 Euro)