THEATREDREAMS (Theatre of the Dreams) is register as Association of perfection purpose (Club) for culture and theatrical anthropology;
THEATREDREAMS is enter in Register of juridical persons with non-economical purpose by F.D. ¹ 11831/2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria on 12.12.2001, legalize existing from January 1, 1999 formation with same name; THEATREDREAMS is enter in Statistical Register of Republic of Bulgaria as a trade mark by clause 7 of Law for juridical persons with non-economical purpose; THEATREDREAMS as Association of perfection purpose (Club) for culture and theatrical anthropology have following register aims:
    •Popularization of cultural phenomenon with performances and concerts;
•Creation and realization of stage demonstrations and performances with technique of investigated archaic theatrical systems;
•Filming educational and scientific pictures for cultural phenomenon;
•Creation of educational, informational, radio, TV, video and other programs and TV-magazines, harmonized with aims of Association (Club);
•Creation of schools, workshops etc. for attracting more fans of archaic cultural phenomenon;
•Organization and leading of scientific expeditions with participation of Club’s members;
•Participation in projects and actions, near to aims of Association (Club), organized by Bulgarian, Foreign and International organizations;
•Realization of education and scientific researches with editing of books, magazines, music, lections, round tables, seminars and conferences with Bulgarian and International participation;
•Research, investigate and preserve theatrical phenomenon of Balkans, development and enriching of theatrical culture, and found parallels with other world culture;
•Popularization of researched archaic theatrical and cultural phenomenon as carnivals, mysteries, parades, performances etc.;
•To give young creators conditions for their arts.

    THEATREDREAMS is leaded by a Board of managers, as a custom of Statute of Founder’s Assembly;
    THEATREDREAMS was established to realize private projects without time limit;
    THEATREDREAMS is register on the ground of article 496 of GPK, and a link with article 6,
    ÃÏÊ (GPK) by article 6, § 1,'1 and article 18 of Law for juridical persons with non-economical purpose.